Greencombe, situated alongside the wooden slopes overlooking the Bristol Channel, was started in 1946 by Horace Stroud. It is only a 3.5 acre strip, but full of beautiful and rare plants.

The garden fell into the care and custody of Joan Loraine in September 1966.  All you can see in the garden today is due to her dedication and love for this delightful woodland garden.

The layout appears natural, but all plants have been deliberately planted in their present position.  Greencombe is an organic garden, using between 25 and 30 tons of home produced compost and leaf-mould each year.

The gardens contain four national plant collections:

  • Erythronium (small mountain lilies)
  • Polystichum (the thumbs-up fern)
  • Vaccinium (Wortleberries)
  • Gaultheria (Berries for Bears)



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